A spiritual element exists within all authentic martial arts, sometimes without the participant being aware of such. A dedication to the physical disciplines along with close observance of etiquette and respect ensures this is the mark of a successful karateka at our dojo.

Although we have some very young students, we do not water down the traditional form of karate do, and although the expectation may be slightly modified for children, everyone is expected to particiate within the group - showing a comittment to discipline and ettiquette. 

We take pride in the fact we are a family orientated dojo - enjoying a strong sense of family and friendship. General classes integrate all ages, abilities and grades. This promotes realistic responsibility for both young and old participants. 



​SHOALHAVEN KARATE is a traditional Japanese karate dojo, located in Nowra within the greater city of Shoalhaven, New South Wales, Australia. 
We practice and train in the purest form of karate, as laid down and adopted in Japan under the mastery of Gichin Funakoshi Sensei. 

Shoalhaven Karate has been operating in its current location for over 20 years. We enjoy a reputation for dedication to the traditional and our care for each other.

We are always happy for prospective students to come and watch us train - on any Wednesday or Friday, during general training. This process always answers a host of FAQs - and many will decide it is not for them, and we do not expect any obligation on those that want to see what is involved directly. 
Remember, each individual dojo and organisation will exhibit a different feel - and it is accepted that some might not feel comfortable within our group or with our senior instructors. Ultimately, we are looking for committement to the art of karate - hopefully long term. This is not something one learns in a matter of time, and then moves on. True karateka train for life.

Shoalhaven Karate has some of the most experienced Karate instructors in the country, some having trained overseas, especially Japan. 
More importantly, we have some very experienced senior students, who are essential to the success of any dojo. Some of these students are senseis in their own right - having come from other dojos, providing a greater depth of knowledge to our group.

Safety of our members is important. During sparing and open kumite drills, physical contact is initially very limited until a karateka can exhibit control over their techniques. With time, students become more vigorous and able to engage in a freer type of karate. ​
Training at Shoalhaven Karate is not easy however, and there is quite a physical demand and part of our aim is to push each individual to their personal limits in order to achieve improvement - both physical and mental.
Unlike many mass marketing martial arts organisations - we do not award grades/belts without good reason. Be assured that anyone with a successful grade from Shoalhaven Karate, has thoroughly earned it!

Shoalhaven Karate takes its core curriculum from Shotokan/Shotokai being accredited by the Japan Karate Association within Japan itself - but has included much material from the other major styles such as Kyokushin, Go-ju Ryu, Shorinkan and Wadoryu.